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Mahendra Trivedi, founder of Trivedi Master Wellness™ and the Trivedi Foundation™, hosted a retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona on August 3rd and 4th, 2013.
Mahendra Trivedi is the main Trivedi Master who has positively transformed the lives of many people through his astounding ability of Energy Transmissions.
Experience the Energy Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi and other three Trivedi Masters to transform your problematic life into a peaceful and successful one.
Mahendra Trivedi has been working diligently to make world an improved and happy planet with the help of his amazing gift known as The Trivedi Effect.
With help of his unique abilities, Mahendra Trivedi is working towards the benefit of humanity by enhancing their positive qualities and eradicating the negatives.
Mahendra Trivedi is known to possess unique ability of transmitting unknown energy to individuals which helps them to live a happier and purposeful life.
Mahendra Trivedi Live Webcast - Unleash Your Divine Abundance! Mahendra Trivedi, known for his phenomenal The Trivedi Effect, presented a live webcast on January 23, 2014.